January 25, 2021
The Aukey Minima 18W USB-C fast charger is down to a uniquely low price of...

The Aukey Minima 18W USB-C fast charger is down to a uniquely low price of just $8.28 at Amazon right now. This deal starts with a drop from its regular price between $13 and $15 down to $11. Then clip the 25% off on-page coupon to take off a few more bucks to get it down to one of the best deals we’ve ever seen for this charger. The white version is still going for $14.

Aukey’s Minima charger is basically just a great companion for any mobile device that uses USB-C. When it comes to mobile devices, you want something you can carry with you and something you don’t have to worry about too much. That’s why the Minima works so great because it’s already so much smaller than your standard chargers. In addition to the compact design, it also includes a foldable plug. If you’ve got the charger stashed in your backpack or purse, it won’t get caught on the other stuff in there with it. It’s just a little pocket cube you keep when you need it, and when you plug it in it’s small enough that it won’t block other outlets.

Despite its small size, the charger is capable of 18W Power Delivery USB-C power ouptut. That makes it great for most USB-C compatible devices including smartphones like the iPhone 12 or members of the Samsung Galaxy lineup. Power Delivery is next-generation and super fast, which means this device is going to be relevent to you for a long time. It will proabbly even outlive your phone.

Of course you won’t have to worry about the device charging too much. Like other similar devices, Aukey’s charger has plenty of built-in safeguards. These failsafes help protect your charger and the devices plugged into it from things like excessive current, overheating, and over charging among others.

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