August 3, 2021

Technology Is Crucial For The Future Of The Workplace

Unispace’s survey of over 2,000 senior real estate and IT professionals in Europe found that remote workplace technology is twice as important as workplace testing.

According to the workplace creation specialist’s survey, 40% of respondents said they expect more technology to emerge in the post-pandemic workplace, with 34% anticipating a new office layout in the future.

“Technology is important, but the future of the workplace is focused on putting people first. Tech will be a big draw for new candidates and has an important role to play in connecting those working remotely and creating a workplace that enables employees to be more productive,” said Stuart Finnie, regional director of design at Unispace. “But decisions about technology in the workplace must be centred on how employees will use and benefit from it, rather than the technology driving these decisions.”

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Finnie added that technology can play a significant role in boosting collaborative opportunities and data collection that helps leaders improve their workplace strategies. However, technology shouldn’t be seen as the one-size-fits-all solution, but rather as a support in the future of the workplace.

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