January 28, 2021
What you need to know Taio is a new text editor for iPhone and iPad...

What you need to know

  • Taio is a new text editor for iPhone and iPad that also includes support for automation.

You can never have too many text editors.

If there is one category that’s already oversubscribed in the App Store, it’s the humble text editor. There are thousands of them, but the latest to catch my eye is Taio – and it’s already shaping up to be pretty great.

The developer behind Taio makes no bones about the fact that development is very much ongoing, but it’s already off to a good start. Supporting iOS 14 Home screen widgets out the gate as well as a potentially powerful automation system, Taio could be the spiritual successor to Editorial that we’ve been waiting for. In fact, the app is free for now because it isn’t 100% finished – that’ll change in the future, though.

One example of why I think Taio is going in the right direction is the ease with which you can get text into it – particularly from your clipboard.

Things get even more interesting when you consider the automation possibilities, though. Taio already supports Shorcuts-like automation building, too.

And yes, it supports JavaScript for those who want to really exercise the ghost of Editorial.

It’s still early days for Taio but considering the fact you can pick it up for free right now, I’d suggest getting in on the ground floor. Other features like exporting to different file types – including HTML – make me hopeful for Taio’s future.

You can read all about what Taio is capable of and download the app from the App Store. It’s only iPhone and iPad right now, but a macOS version is in the works.

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