May 21, 2022

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The Future Of Dental Technology And Innovation

(Photo : Pexels) Dentistry is so important today, and its importance is justified as it...

(Photo : Pexels)

Dentistry is so important today, and its importance is justified as it is a necessity for anyone who wishes to stay healthy. Dentistry has made a lot of difference in the lives of both the little and the matured by helping them avoid tooth problems and eliminating toothache whenever it arises.

Dentistry simply refers to the act of professionally taking care of the teeth. It involves diagnosing the mouth and its constituents like the teeth, gums, jaw, and surrounding tissues. The professionals in charge of carrying out dental services are called dentists, and they are specially trained to offer expert services in any dental-related issue.

The practice of dentistry has evolved a lot since its introduction. Initially, dentists had to make use of difficult tools to diagnose and help dentally challenged patients. Hence, a visit to the dentist was considered very unpleasant, and both young and older people alike dreaded the experience. While some people develop this fear as a result of one painful experience or the other, others simply do not cherish the idea of having strangers invade their mouth with all the bright lights and hard tools that dentist use to perform dental operations.

This has been an issue for a while now, and many people who need dental appointments have been reported to avoid it and live with the pain instead. This is considered very dangerous to the well-being of such individuals. According to Toronto cosmetic dentist Dr. Carr, a flaw in your dental health can have severe consequences on the other parts of your body, and can even cause heart failure in extreme circumstances.

In addition to the discomfort that people feared, it has become increasingly difficult for people to create time out of the busy schedules of the extremely demanding world we live in today. And most times, before they can finally find the time, the little issue in their teeth has already escalated and become a major health problem. However, the introduction of technological advancements and innovations to the dental world has gone a long way to proffer solutions to the problems that dentists and their patients often face. Here, let us take a look at ways through which technology has helped improve dentistry and its practice.

Digital Dentistry

Imagine a scenario where you wake up with a toothache, and all you have to do is scan your teeth using your phone and a smart toothbrush. And once the scan is complete, you can just send the result to your dentist and get immediate feedback on what to do and when you can have an appointment. Sounds great, doesn’t it? With digital dentistry, this and many more have been made possible, so patients do not have to go through uncomfortable appointment sessions anymore.

Digital dentistry generally refers to the technology that allows the use of computer-controlled components to make dentistry a lot easier and more comfortable for both dentists and patients alike. Some significant innovations that have been introduced to further these course include:

1. Smart toothbrush: A smart toothbrush is an electrically powered toothbrush that helps you brush your teeth correctly to get the best results. With a smart toothbrush, you can rest assured that your kids brush their teeth the right way.

2. Digital dentures: Digital dentures are a very important addition to dentistry, and it has well been applauded by many. With digital dentures, patients no longer have to go through series of appointments before they can get a set of dentures.

3. Tele-dentistry: Teledentistry takes away the need to travel long distances to access a professional dentist. This genius innovation has made important dental information accessible from the comfort of your home through the internet.

Other important innovations that have helped improve dentistry significantly among others include:

Intra-oral camera

Augmented reality

Mobile dentistry

Bio printing

Laser treatments


Dental technologies have left a huge print to make dentistry much more comfortable, and it has indeed, taken dentistry to a whole new level. Now, going to the dentist does not have to feel as uncomfortable as it used to. This means that patients can now take care of their oral health without fear, and dentists can also help restore their patients’ smiles with ease. Some of the new technologies that have made these luxuries possible have been discussed in this article.

Without a doubt, you are going to enjoy your appointment with your dentist more than ever before, with these technologies in place. Why not book an appointment today?

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